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Rich Rewards is the social network for people who aspire to better their financial lives.  

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2nd Million Mindset by Mike Mataraza a $199.00 value.

They say the 1st million is the hardest.  What if you believed you had already become a millionaire and was working on your 2nd million? 
That’s the premise of the 2nd Million Mindset developed by Mike Mataraza the former hear trainer for Tony Robbins. 
Making big money and building wealth first starts with your mindset.
The 2nd Million Mindset is a valuable tool for you to create the inner belief needed for massive success. 
Course presenter Mike Mataraza is the former head trainer for Tony Robbins.

From Zero to Wealth by Omar Periu a $297.00 value.

Omar Periu came to the U.S. as a young boy escaping communism in Cuba. 
Omar went from selling gym memberships earning 167.00 a month to being a multi-millionaire gym and sports medicine owner by the age of 31. 
After selling that business Omar was mentored by the renowned sales trainer Tom Hopkins in the art and science of public speaking. 
He has spoken to over 5 million people, coached people to huge financial success, and has worked with over 300 of the Fortune 500 companies. 
Omar went from $147.00 a month to being a millionaire 100 times over.
Omar says, “Becoming wealthy is no accident”
In his cornerstone program From Zero to Wealth Omar will assist you in accelerating your successes and wealth building pursuits. 

Don’t Just Dream About It, Do It! By Mike Mataraza a $199.95 value.

Mike Mataraza takes you through 11 sessions of remarkable goal setting.
Your life can change dramatically as a result of going through this program.
It’s no accident Mike became the head trainer for Tony Robbins.  He knows how to take people from where they are to where they want to be. 
Don’t Just Dream About Do It gets your goals of the coach and into action in a powerful way. 
For you that want to achieve your personal, business, and financial goals you’re about to be filled with the satisfaction of achievement.
Course presenter Mike Mataraza, former head trainer for Tony Robbins. 

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